Have fun. Get fit. Never quit!

YOGAFUNC is a fitness yoga class with music, based on the traditional techniques (asana, breath, vinyasa) from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is not a traditional yoga class but a fun and effective training method suitable for everyone who want to get a taste of yoga, without diving deep into a traditional yoga system. The benefits for participants training regularly include: gained strength, improved flexibility, better balance and body awareness, and peace of mind. In addition, one of our values is joy. “If it isn’t fun, you are doing something wrong.”


Jocke Salokorpi: the author of YOGAFUNC

Has been active in sports and movement his entire life. After graduating from Sports Institute of Finland in 1998, he started instructing group exercise classes in Helsinki. While studying in the University of Jyväskylä to become a physical education teacher, Jocke co-created his first concept training system, called Flowride (still an active indoor cycling concept in Finland). After working in the heath and fitness industry, as a group exercise manager, concept creator, and an educator, for about a decade, Jocke fell in love with yoga. In January 2007 Jocke and his wife Terje opened the first Ashtanga Yoga school in Tallinn, Estonia. Jocke and Terje dove deep into the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga, but in 2011 Jocke also felt the urge to reconnect with the creative part of himself and in spring that year, the first YOGAFUNC program was created. After six years of doing the concept, and a couple years of thinking about it, Jocke and Terje decided to take this creative process to the next level and found the FUNCY FAMILY, a family of concepts, for the body, mind and heart.

Jocke currently lives in Estonia developing the FUNCY FAMILY training system and helping the concept creators build their concept, and educates YOGAFUNC instructors, and Ashtanga Monkey Yoga teachers internationally.