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This release is my birthday present to one Funcster who probably has the biggest Funcy Monkey heart of them all. Happy (late) birthday Miia Krook! Every single song in this program was taken from Miia’s personal YF suggestions list she has shared with me. Every time I start to put the new release together I go through all the playlists that have been shared with me, as suggestions to be put to the future YF releases. When I went through Miia’s list I noticed that I started to add each song I was listening to, to my workflow list I use when I create the new releases.  As I was listening to Miia’s songs, my new release started to look like it wasn’t missing that many songs anymore. That’s when I decided to do this YF release as a birthday present to you Miia. You have suggested every song in this release, excluding the meditation and relaxation tracks. It’s an epic release and the energy different from what I usually put together, but I think it will work perfectly for this winter. I genuinely liked all the songs I chose to this release and I didn’t need to do any compromises. I was able to put together a release that I can honestly say: “the best release so far”. 🙂
So this is your release Miia. What an EPIC release! Thank you! (bow) I know you are going to go through many deep emotions while teaching this class. It’s evident in the music you have chosen to suggest. Embrace the emotions. Namaste.


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