What we teach?

Ashtanga Monkey Yoga

Ashtanga Monkey Yoga is our approach to Ashtanga Yoga. We teach modified Ashtanga Yoga, leaving out some of the more advanced poses from beginners, and also teaching a modified intermediate practice to everyone. We do this to give a more balanced practice by including the back bendings from the intermediate series. It is important to understand that when we do this, we do it in a way that is safe to everyone. The intermediate series we teach is not more advanced than the primary series. It is just a different sequence and it is suitable for everyone.

Full vinyasa is the method of how Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice has been put together. That means that the traditional way of the Ashtanga sequence is a little different from how it is normally taught. In the full vinyasa system, the asanas in the sitting sequence all start from standing (Samasthitih). That means that there is a long movement sequence before each asana. In between the right and left side, there is a half vinyasa sequence, which is the normal way Ashtanga Yoga is taught.

Fullvinyasa is a concept I have created which includes this full vinyasa method described above. The sequence is not the same as in Ashtanga Yoga and the movement system is a little different. The sequence in the Fullvinyasa class is set, with 21 poses in the sitting sequence, but in a 60 to a 75-minute long class, you have time to do 9-12 poses. We will upload many different Fullvinyasa classes to HELT in the weeks to come.

In the Fullvinyasa class, the teacher can use a specific music designed for this class. The music is being produced as I’m updating this site. For now we are using this music from YouTube. This is the original music used while we created this concept.

YOGAFUNC is a fitness yoga class with music, based on the traditional techniques (asana, breath, vinyasa) from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is not a traditional yoga class but a fun and effective training method suitable for everyone who wants to get a taste of yoga, without diving deep into a traditional yoga system. This class is primarily designed for health studios, and it is currently being taught by our trained instructors in Finland, Estonia and Italy. More information about YOGAFUNC and the other concepts we are creating in our official website here: http://www.funcyfamily.com.

Here is the playlist for the latest YOGAFUNC release. YOGAFUNC is a strong class, for people who want to challenge themselves physically, so the music is occasionally quite strong too. For more relaxing music, check the Yin Yoga playlist further down below.

YF #32

Yin Yoga

The classes above are all “yang” classes, which means that they are dynamic and active classes, where effort is required. To maintain a balanced practice we also offer yin classes, which teach us the aspect of letting go. Yin classes are passive and very slow, with basically no movement and with simple poses that we hold very long, even up to 10 minutes. The yin method of letting go is also an aspect that we apply in the more active classes, helping us make our yang classes a bit “softer”.

Here is my Yin Yoga playlist, with several hours of soft music for relaxing the body and hopefully getting us out of our minds. Hit the shuffle play for best experience.