We teach daily classes online, for beginners and more advanced students. Our schedule is always updated on this google calendar below.


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Price? Come and try out our classes, free of charge! If you want to continue with regular practice, you can do so through our Patreon page.


If you are interested of our in-person workshops and retreats, you find them on the calendar below.

All in-person, OOOM Yoga workshops are small-group workshops with maximum of 10 participants. This ensures we can have a more personal approach with the topic at hand and with the people participating. These workshops are held in our workshop/retreat location in Koskenpää, Finland. It’s an old school, in the middle of the forest, surrounded by peaceful nature, prana (life force) and stillness.

Foundation vs BTS: We have two types of workshops: 1) Foundation and 2) Beneath The Surface (BTS). Foundation workshops are intense workshops where we learn everything regarding the practice of Ashtanga Yoga (1st or 2nd series). In the BTS workshops we study ourselves: the subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind. These workshops are connected to the natural world around us, following the rhythms we see in nature. All of these workshops include daily asana, pranayama and yin practices.

Prices: Foundation and BTS workshops are three days long and cost 300€, including everything (the practices, accommodation, vegan food, sauna, unlimited amount of prana). The retreats start with the Foundation Workshop and continues with regular practice days. These days cost 65€ each. If you join for the whole retreat (10 days) you get a small discount. If you are a student, or have challenges financially, write to us. We can figure something out. We believe yoga is for everyone!

Please write to and answer the following questions:
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2) Email
3) Which workshop/event are you registering to?
4) Please, specify which days you are attending?
5) Have you practiced yoga before? If yes, with whom? What style?

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We are updating our YouTube account frequently. That is where you can find the newest information regarding our classes and our events.