Maiken Sarv: Author and master trainer for PILATESFUNC

Maiken was born in 1986 and grew up in Estonia in a little town called Otepää, which is known as the winter capital of Estonia. While going to school she competed in local snowboarding competitions but did it mostly for fun and worked as a snowboarding instructor. The first fitness coach experience took place in 2004 thanks to her mom, who after the teacher’s job worked as a trainer as well. Maiken started working as a fitness instructor in 2006 in Tartu where she went to university to become an Electrical Engineer. She studied engineering 8 years in Estonia, Spain and Italy and even though graduating bachelor and master’s degree, she chose to became a professional in fitness industry.

To experience new challenges and culture, she moved to Verona, Italy, in 2013, where in addition to group exercise classes, she also became the fitness coordinator in ”In Sport Verona”. Maiken is a highly respected trainer everywhere she instructs, with a super positive attitude that is very contagious. Today Maiken educates YOGAFUNC and PILATESFUNC instructors internationally, in addition to the continuous work of creating and developing the PILATESFUNC concept.

ClientThe Car Rental Co
SkillsPhotography / Media Production
Power in da house!


PILATESFUNC is a fun concept that connects Pilates discipline with a music, to load a huge boost of energy, while gaining strength and core stability, as well as improving flexibility and balance. The purpose is to have a strong “powerhouse”, which is the center of the body from the bottom of ribs down to the top of the hip and all the way to the bottom of pelvis, the area that creates the foundation for all the movements. Connecting the different exercises with a specific pilates breathing technique, helps to develop control in the movements and to improve coordination and stability.