It's getting hot in here!

HEATFUNC is a high-energy and high-intensity workout. It’s based on a sequence of functional movements accompanied by motivational music. HEATFUNC’s choreography is simple but challenging – a fun way to train your whole body!

The benefits of regular HEATFUNC include improved cardiovascular fitness, more strength and better balance.

Anja Kägo: the author and master trainer for HEATFUNC

Anja’s been exercising regularly since the age of five when she started taking rhythmic gymnastics classes. At the age of 12 she moved onto badminton, which she started coaching in high school. This naturally led onto a Bachelors Degree in the Arts of Sports, followed up by a Masters in Physical Education, a Nutritional Specialist Certification, and a Badminton Coaching EQF 5 level, skills she put to use as a personal trainer and a PE teacher.

Anja’s passion is for being the best possible version of herself and unlocking every ounce of potential. She’s instructed 10 different types of training sessions in the past, including YOGAFUNC.

“It feels amazing to know you’ve committed your life to your passion.”