Move. Feel. Choose. Care.

Four pillars of FUNCY FAMILY

Deep-rooted health and happiness comes from balancing every aspect of your body and mind. In our FUNCY FAMILY™ system we go further than your average workout.

Most people understand the importance of physical health, but all too often other aspects of themselves take second place. A healthy body, combined with an ill.equipped and stressed-out mind, is not going to leave anyone feeling as fulfilled as they could be.

FUNCY FAMILY™ is a training system of funtastic group exercise concepts, for the body and mind. In its webinars and workshops, we use tools from different disciplines, ranging from ancient wisdom traditions to holistic therapy, from neuroscience to quantum physics.

We move.

FUNCY FAMILY™ training concepts are fun and effective classes that ensure the physical body is properly trained. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to attaining strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and bodyawareness. They, as well as many other great qualities, are the result of regular practice. But there is a formula for successfully training the body. Here’s ours:


Because if you’re having fun in your classes, you’re more likely to commit to them. Without ‘funness’, all you have to rely on is discipline and eventually that runs out. We don’t believe training is hard work, rather it’s fun! This idea is central to our entire training system, from how the classes are put together to how the trainers are educated. Take a look at our webinars, live streams, and YouTube videos for more ways to keep your physical self at the top of its game.

We feel.

Emotions are the colors of the human experience. However, sometimes thought patterns of negative thoughts feeding negative emotions can be overpowering, or subtly undermine our overall health and wellbeing. Our subconscious sometimes stores emotions that we weren’t able to deal with at the time. FUNCY FAMILY™ classes are filled with different types of emotions (like life itself!), allowing you to let go of some of those blocked energies. The FUNCY FAMILY™ workshops and webinars, led by our professional coaches, therapists and yoga teachers, provide spaces to go even deeper into the emotional body and to learn new tools for expressing emotions and releasing them, resulting in a happier body and mind.

We choose.

Our mind is a mighty tool, but in today’s busy world it often feels as if we’re not able to use it to its full potential. Stressful lifestyles and a hyperactive mind can make it hard for us to stop and just be in the moment. FUNCY FAMILY’s mind practices help you be present in the here and now, so that you can harness your mind for greater creativity. A hit-or- miss mind loses its power, whereas a focused mind accompanied by a positive emotional state, retains it. The power the mind has on our physical world is well-documented, even in the field of quantum physics! All of our instructors receive meditation training. We’d love you to dive deeper into these useful practices in our FUNCY FAMILY™ workshops, webinars and lectures!

We care.

FUNCY FAMILY™ helps everyone become their best self. We’re not about ‘losing weight’ or ‘burning fat’. Rather, personal growth is where we’re at.

That’s why we use methods that go beyond physical training. We believe kindness, compassion and love help us go the extra mile. We understand that cooperation is always more powerful than competition. We believe in family values, and authenticity is one of them.

We are real people, a fact which is integrated into our whole training system. We’re not about constructing characters or public images, rather we help instructors find themselves, so that we can fulfil our promise of being “Real people. Together.”

FUNCY FAMILY™ – Real people. Together.