All FUNCY FAMILY concepts have a two level training system. In the level I courses, the participants learn to build a strong foundation to their classes, which is important before going into more advanced themes. “Learn to walk before you run”.

In the level II courses, when the basics have been mastered, it’s time to dive deeper into the themes that will take you from good to great. We don’t work with basic instructional or technical skills anymore but with skills regarding communication, interpretation and true authenticity. Mastering this level will not only affect all your classes in positive way, but you will discover more about yourself. 


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Level 1 (20 hrs)

The initial course for becoming a FUNCY FAMILY concept  instructor is a two and a half day weekend course (Level I). During the course, the educators will guide each participant through the foundation of becoming a great leader in the FUNCY FAMILY classes.

​The foundation includes the following key building blocks:
1) The technique and the physical execution required in the concept;
2) Instructional skills and coaching;
3) Class structure and class music analysis;
4) Basic Communication.

Level 2 (20 hrs)

The themes in Level II Coach training are

1) Music interpretation
2) “Life” through contrasts
3) Authentic self
4) Becoming a coach
Level II Coach training gives you the tools to transform your classes from good to great. In addition to learning new tools to make your classes safer, more interesting and alive, you will learn a lot about yourself. Authenticity is one of the key values the whole FUNCY FAMILY is built upon. The goal in our “family” is to help all of our instructors and educators to become great role models of being themselves. Not hiding behind masks and roles, but to learn to accept who they really are and let people connect with that “real self”.
Terje Hakman-Salokorpi, one of the founders of FUNCY FAMILY, is holistic therapist and together with her husband Jocke, who is a yoga teacher, have they built an education that will help you become the most authentic version of you.