From worriers to warriors!

BUDOFUNC is a group exercise class influenced by martial arts, beautifully combining training both for the body and the mind. During the class you can dive into different disciplines and movement patterns, while balancing the body-mind system through breathing, movement and other meditative techniques. 

Regular BUDOFUNC practice develops cardiovascular capacity, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and focuses the mind. Stop worrying and become a spiritual warrior… but remember to have fun, while doing it. 


Mikko Paunonen: the author and master trainer for BUDOFUNC

Mikko is a professional personal trainer and an educator, and he actively works as a trainer for many top level athletes, from different sports. His own movement background is very multifaceted, from martial arts to track and field, and more. Mikko is a very dedicated person which has brought him success in sports, in the national level in Finland. Mikko is one of the top personal trainers in Finland. He is always searching for new ways to improve himself and this thrive has taken him to different top educators in UK and US, where he has studied kinesiology, nutrition and neuroscience. 
Mikko’s goal is to understand the holistic body-mind system even more thoroughly and this is what he wants bring to the FUNCY FAMILY concepts the best way possible.