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Let Grow – Small-group Yoga Workshop 21-25.2.2020
by Terje and Jocke Salokorpi

In this edition of the BTS Workshops (Beneath The Surface) we follow again the cycles of nature, meaning it’s time for a new start. In this inspiring workshop, in addition to the daily morning and evening practice (asana, yin, and pranayama), we connect with the nature around us. Through guided meditations led by Terje (a holistic therapist), we tap into our inner power and start the growth processes that are naturally happening during this time of the year.

This workshop will happen if we have at least 6 registered people. The maximum amount is 10 people.


Ooom Yoga Workshop & Retreat Center
Koskenpää – Finland

Price: 300€
Registration fee 100€ (by invoice), the rest (200€) as cash as you come to the workshop, or by digital (imaginary) numbers, using the same bank details. 🙂

The price includes everything: morning pranayama, morning ashtanga practice, evening yin yoga practice, guided meditations, discussions, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauna, and a lot of prana. 🙂

If your financial situation is challenging at the moment and you need some extra time to do the last payment, it is possible. In that case, please write to us.