Water the right seeds

I was going to write this message to the yogi’s that come to our classes and share it in our chat groups, but then I thought that maybe this is worth sharing publicly.

I want to start by saying that you are doing a great job with your practice. You have now visited our online classes more than 1000 times. 1022 times to be exact. Many of you have found quite a regular rhythm and you are visiting our classes even daily. Great job! You are slowly but surely starting to get a new heading to the ship and when you just keep sailing with this new heading, you will eventually see that where you ended up is very different from where initially were going. I will talk more about that soon.

Some of you are just getting started and the practice has not yet been properly established. That is totally ok, you will get there. Our life consists of, and is shaped by, countless choices. Sometimes we are good at choosing those things that benefit us, other times it seems we are on an autopilot mode and someone is “choosing” for us. That is called life and it is not perfect. There are always ups and downs. The important thing is to realize that each and every moment, you have the possibility to choose again. That choice is always made NOW. When you do, however difficult it is, your choice starts to influence the heading of the ship. But why is it so difficult sometimes? There is actually a simple reason for it, so let’s talk about that.

Our life is strongly influenced by our subconscious mind. We can also call it the emotional body. This is what the media is taking advantage of. They are targeting your subconscious mind. They are feeding it with programming that will influence your choices at a later time. If you have consumed a lot of fear programming for instance, then that is what your subconscious mind is playing out. What do I mean by that? The subconscious mind is like a recorder/player. It records whatever you consume, it creates a story of that and then plays it out. Your programmed subconscious will influence your conscious/rational mind. It is the source of your beliefs and habits. It is the background for your conscious thinking process. It’s like the soil the plants grow in. Whatever seeds you put in, that is what you can expect to see grow. That is what, in my personal opinion, we can see in the world now. People are reacting to events in a way they have been programmed to do. First, it was fear that came out, then it was shifted into anger. This is all reactional, which means that it is a subconscious behavior, thus lacking awareness. This is an important issue that people should realize. When we are strongly reactional, we are very predictable, and that is easy to take advantage of. This is now shifting into another topic because they are very related, but let’s still take it back to purely our yoga practice and the choices we do daily. Let’s take this understanding of the subconscious and see how that relates to the ship we are trying to head somewhere.

The subconscious aspect of ourselves, with all the emotional locks, beliefs, and habits, is trying to turn the ship back to its initial heading. It is playing out what it has consumed. That is the reason it sometimes seems almost impossible to change something in our lives. We fall in love with yoga, but when the initial rush is over, other things will come up. The old seeds are still in that soil and they want to grow.

So what to do? If you water the seeds, they will grow. This is where the choice comes back in. Make sure you choose the right seeds to water. Or if you prefer to sail, make sure you look at the compass. You can turn the ship to its new heading, but it will most likely start to drift back. You need to use conscious effort to keep the new heading. You need to choose it over and over again. When you do, that is what you start to program into your subconscious. Eventually, the new heading will be the natural one for you. It is the new normal. 🙂


Ps. Make sure your “new normal” is actually yours. We are not babies and we should not be spoon-fed anymore. As grown-ups, we have the right to say what is normal for us and what is not.

Ps 2. You don’t have to transform everything right away. Give the body and the subconscious mind some time. One millimeter of change in a week is not a lot. That will make 52 centimeters in ten years though. A lot!

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