The launch 26.01.2018 (Helsinki, FIN)


FUNCY FAMILY is a new training system for a new era, with real people who like to be and train together. We move, we feel, we choose and we care. These are the four pillars that are in the core of our family, guiding our action, the concepts we create and the deep instructor trainings we do. We believe in authenticity, a principle very close to our hearts, which is evident in the way we do what we do. We are not building “artificial characters”, we are helping our family members to be more of themselves – “Real people. Together.”


January 26th, is the official launch of our family. It’s when the YOGAFUNC concept, created in 2011, gets two siblings: HEATFUNC and PILATESFUNC. Join our launch event in Helsinki and through our short demos, see and experience what this FUNCY FAMILY is all about. High energy, great emotions, fun, effective and smart training is what we promise, you come and see if we deliver.


We have a mission in FUNCY FAMILY. We want to share joy through our classes, and bring a new level of authenticity and care through the educations and workshops we do, to people all over the world. Join our family and let’s make the world a better place, not by trying to change others, but by working with ourselves: physically (we do), emotionally (we feel), mentally (we choose) and spiritually (we care).

FUNCY FAMILY is proud to announce that not only will we make our services available in brick-and-mortar locations but also in the digital space. This means you can enjoy our classes, for instance, directly from your home! We have partnered with HELT, an innovative start-up with a vision to make the world a HELTIER place. HELT enables instructors to share their knowledge and expertise regardless of their location. Users, on the other hand, can discover wellness experiences from a broad offering that are delivered to them under their own terms; location, time and price. HELT will launch their online platform on 02.03.2018. Make sure to tune-in and follow their status on

Launch details


Lauttasaaren Liikuntakeskus


Date and time:
14:00-15:30 Official launch with introductions and short demos (YOGAFUNC, HEATFUNC and PILATESFUNC)
And for anyone who want to test short versions of each class:
16:00-16:45 HEATFUNC class by Anja Kägo (EST)
16:45-17:15 YOGAFUNC class by Jocke Salokorpi (EST/FIN)
17:15-18:00 PILATESFUNC class by Maiken Sarv (ITA/EST)


It would be nice to know approximately how many people will come, because the space is limited, so please write to terje[at] and let us know that you are coming.


More information about the FUNCY FAMILY training system:







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