Ooom Yoga is now fully online. We have led ashtanga yoga, pranayama and yin yoga classes, for beginners and more advanced students. At the moment of updating this page, we have 13 classes/week, both morning and evening times.

The beginners Live Online Workshop is back in the schedule. Check out this video for more information.

We do our classes through the Zoom video conference solution, and we must say that we are very happy, even surprised, with how well it has performed. Zoom is free of charge and very easy to use. To join our classes, just click the link below and follow the instructions.

Online Ooom Yoga classes by Terje and Jocke

When we teach, we use quite a nice set up, with an external microphone (headset) and extra lighting to improve the experience of our classes. This unfortunate situation we are in, has evolved our thinking about how we are going to be teaching in the future, after this situation has passed. We are very exited about building our online yoga school, in addition to the face-to-face workshops and retreats that we do in Koskenpää. With these online classes, we can come to your living room, no matter where in the world you might be. This we have already experienced after one week of teaching, when we have reconnected with some of our students who are currently located in Germany, Ireland and Mexico.

Online yoga school pricing? You can come and try out the classes for free, to make sure it is the right solution for you. If you like the classes, you can support our work with a single class payment of only 3,50€. If you want an unlimited monthly pass, the price is 40€. Thank you all, who already have supported our work. In this difficult time, this is the only work we are able to do. Namaste!

We had to cancel our upcoming Fullvinyasa Instructor Training, which will be organized at a later time, or maybe we figure out an online version of that as well. Hopefully, this situation will go over reasonable quickly and in that case, the next events we are organizing are taking place in July and August. Check the information below.

The best thing you can do now, when the world is going crazy, is to keep practicing. With the practice, you can calm down the nervous system and the mind. Stress and fear will not help anyone. Plant your feet on the mat, breathe deep and put the energy into motion. Let’s get OUT OF OUR MINDS. Ooom….

Jocke & Terje

Important links for more information and to connect with us:
Our Facebook Page (our schedules will be updated here)
Our WhatsApp group (connect with us and be informed)

Here are our upcoming workshops:

3.-12.7.2020 Ooom Summer Retreat (vol 1) – Starting with Ashtanga 1st series Foundation Workshop (3.-5.7.2020)

Practice, practice, (have fun) and practice. That is what the retreats are for. We start the retreat with a Foundation Workshop, where we go into the details of each sequence (1st or 2nd series), we learn all the alignments of each pose, we learn the vinyasa system of getting into and out of each pose, and we learn the mind practice tools like the drishtis of each poses. After the foundation workshop is finished (on Sunday) we continue with an intense practice week but with plenty of time to relax in the nature. 

7.-16.8.2020 Ooom Summer Retreat (vol 2) – Starting with Ashtanga 2nd series Foundation Workshop (7.-9.8.2020)

This is the same as above, with a difference of having the second series as the theme for the Foundation Workshop. The first retreat week (6.-12.7.) will mostly be the first series practice. In this retreat the practice will be more focused on the second series. All workshops and retreats are suitable for everyone. 

16.-18.10.2020 “Let Go” – Beneath The Surface Workshop

It’s time for another BTS weekend. This time it is about letting go. It’s that time of the year. The dark time is starting and it is a perfect time to dive into our inner world, to regocnize the old patterns, the old programs that don’t serve us. It’s time to drop the leaves and turn inwards. 

8.-10.1.2021 “Let Be” – Beneath The Surface Workshop

It’s dark, it’s quite and everything is on hold. It’s not the time for outward expansion, it’s time for dwelling in silence. It’s the time for disconnecting and learning about non-doing. We still do morning asana practice and evening yin practice, but we bring even more focus on the more subtle practices of pranayama and silent meditation. This we will be doing inside in the comfort of the fireplace, or outside by the bonfire. Sitting by the fire, listening to its sounds, letting the fire burn down and experience the darkness eat up the light, this is the time for deep stillness and peace. 

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What we teach?

Ashtanga Monkey Yoga

Ashtanga Monkey Yoga is our approach to Ashtanga Yoga. We teach modified Ashtanga Yoga, leaving out some of the more advanced poses from beginners, and also teaching a modified intermediate practice to everyone. We do this to give a more balanced practice by including the back bendings from the intermediate series. It is important to understand that when we do this, we do it in a way that is safe to everyone. The intermediate series we teach is not more advanced than the primary series. It is just a different sequence and it is suitable for everyone.

Full vinyasa is the method of how Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice has been put together. That means that the traditional way of the Ashtanga sequence is a little different from how it is normally taught. In the full vinyasa system, the asanas in the sitting sequence all start from standing (Samasthitih). That means that there is a long movement sequence before each asana. In between the right and left side, there is a half vinyasa sequence, which is the normal way Ashtanga Yoga is taught.

Fullvinyasa is a concept I have created which includes this full vinyasa method described above. The sequence is not the same as in Ashtanga Yoga and the movement system is a little different. The sequence in the Fullvinyasa class is set, with 21 poses in the sitting sequence, but in a 60 to a 75-minute long class, you have time to do 9-12 poses. We will upload many different Fullvinyasa classes to HELT in the weeks to come.

In the Fullvinyasa class, the teacher can use a specific music designed for this class. The music is being produced as I’m updating this site. For now we are using this music from YouTube. This is the original music used while we created this concept.

YOGAFUNC is a fitness yoga class with music, based on the traditional techniques (asana, breath, vinyasa) from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is not a traditional yoga class but a fun and effective training method suitable for everyone who wants to get a taste of yoga, without diving deep into a traditional yoga system. This class is primarily designed for health studios, and it is currently being taught by our trained instructors in Finland, Estonia and Italy. More information about YOGAFUNC and the other concepts we are creating in our official website here: http://www.funcyfamily.com.

Here is the playlist for the latest YOGAFUNC release. YOGAFUNC is a strong class, for people who want to challenge themselves physically, so the music is occasionally quite strong too. For more relaxing music, check the Yin Yoga playlist further down below.

YF #32

Yin Yoga

The classes above are all “yang” classes, which means that they are dynamic and active classes, where effort is required. To maintain a balanced practice we also offer yin classes, which teach us the aspect of letting go. Yin classes are passive and very slow, with basically no movement and with simple poses that we hold very long, even up to 10 minutes. The yin method of letting go is also an aspect that we apply in the more active classes, helping us make our yang classes a bit “softer”.

Here is my Yin Yoga playlist, with several hours of soft music for relaxing the body and hopefully getting us out of our minds. Hit the shuffle play for best experience.

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Together with Terje, we have approximately 40+ years of experience in instructing group exercise classes. Since 2007 we have basically only been teaching yoga in our Ashtanga Yoga school in Tallinn. We opened our yoga school on January 2nd, 2007, and that was the first Ashtanga school in Estonia (Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn). In addition to the daily classes, we have also been teaching workshops and retreats, in the Baltics and Finland.

At the moment of updating this site (early 2019), I (Jocke) am teaching classes full time, in different studios in Helsinki.

FUNCY FAMILY Training Systems

In 2011, I created a fitness (read: funness) yoga concept that was targeted to the people who regularly would not come to a traditional yoga class, because of its “weirdness”. YOGAFUNC seemed to be very suitable for those people, including many men. Now we have educated hundreds of instructors in Finland, Estonia, and Italy.


In 2017 we took the next step and founded FUNCY FAMILY and created another four concepts to our portfolio. You can find more information about that here: https://www.funcyfamily.com.

Ashtanga Monkey Yoga Teacher Trainings

After about ten+ years of dedication to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system, studying and teaching under the guidance of our teacher Lino Miele, we stepped out from the traditional method and started teaching (and practicing) in a slightly less rigid way. It was 2016 when our cooperation with Lino Miele ended and as we came out from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute we were apart of, Ashtanga Monkey Yoga was born. Since that, we have been teaching Ashtanga Yoga slightly different and we have educated around 50 new teachers in Estonia and Finland. More information about our approach here: http://www.ashtangamonkeys.com and in the Blog/Vlog section that will be updated shortly. The next Ashtanga Monkey teacher trainings will also be updated on this site shortly. Update: We are continuing with these in a slightly different way. Please check out this page for more information.

Practice, practice, have fun and practice!
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